Havard Associates Conultancy Services

Need help with Project Planning?
Whether you would like a helping hand or a second opinion from a subject matter expert (SME) with your project plan, we can assist you at every point in the process.

Tender Evaluation
If you are considering the purchase of Symantec Asset Management Suite, Client Management Suite or Deployment Solution and would like an impartial perspective on whether the product meets the needs of your organisation, we are here to help.

Proof of Concept and Pilot Testing
During the early phases of a project to implement Symantec Endpoint Management products it is essential that an organisation explores how the product will integrate within the company and how staff will adapt to the new technology.  Proof of concept planning and pilot testing can help identify short comings within a project design or insufficiencies of hardware, software, scalability and human resources.
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Installation and Configuration
We often hear customers say they are going to reinstall their solutions as they either have technical errors or performance issues with their implementations.  Often this can be traced back to either insufficient planning and design or a poor installation and configuration.  We offer an installation and configuration service to help ensure the foundation of your implementation is sound from day one.

Implementation and Deployment
If you require a more substantial service, we can assist with the implementation and deployment of not just the main server and database, but also the deployment of site servers, management agents and plug-ins.

Upgrading Your Product
Upgrading to a new version of a product on a succesful live system can be daunting. We can offer planning, help and assistance on a consultancy basis to help you seamlessly move to a newer version of the product.

Knowledge Transfer
If you feel that an instructor led training course is not the appropriate solution for your organisation, but you still require your team of engineers and helpdesk staff to acquire knowledge, consider knowledge transfer as a cost effective informal way to learn new skills.

Havard Associates can provide you with technical documentation to aid you with your systems management solutions. If you require project plans, terms of reference, statement of works, procedures, training material or training guides tailored to your environment, then contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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